Bio // Raised in San Jose, California Eric Toms began his career when his sketch comedy troupe pitched and sold their late night sketch show to a local TV channel. Eric immediately dropped out of college and threw himself into the experience, taking on the role of head writer, performer, and video producer. Making the leap to stand-up comedy Eric traveled the world and by 25 had already worked with some of his comedy heroes, such as Kevin Pollak, Norm Macdonald, Lewis Black, Tracy Morgan and Bobby Slayton.

In 2008, Toms was scouted and hired to host the comedy clip show Reality Binge on Fox. Working on Reality Binge later led to a guest appearance on Good Day LA and Last Comic Standing. Shortly after, show runner and fellow comedian, Steve Marmel, asked Eric to guest star as Gilroy Smith in Disney's Sonny With a Chance season 1 finale "Sonny: So Far" staring along side Demi Lovato.

Since then Eric’s writing has won recognition with The Academy of Arts and Sciences and The Austin Screenwriting Festival, and he has starred in independent feature films like disOrientation in which Eric was nominated for the Jury Award at the New Haven Film Festival. Eric has also written commercial campaigns for brands such as 7-11, Netflix, and Cholula Hot Sauce.

My work over the past few years. Everything from my Stand Up Comedy, Sketch Comedy Videos, and writing

About Eric's Blog // This is Eric's blog, where he writes about comedy, the entertainment industry, and really anything else he wants. It's updated regularly, so check back often.


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    One of the unfortunate responsibilities I’ve tasked myself with as an adult is following the news. This has lead to sleepless night, listless days, and an overwhelming feeling of dread when I imagine the world I’m leaving to my children. Luckily, I live in the time of the 24 news cycle! If you pay attention, living as any nationality seems to be a difficult order. Every nation struggles with corruption, dishonest leaders, and a lack of compassion for the less fortunate. As an American I’ve had to read about NSA wiretaps, drone strikes, and politicians abusing power and privilege. To use the parlance of our time: It fucking sucks, bro.

    Today is the 4th of July and my wife dragged me to an Independence Day parade with our small children; don’t worry this’ll tie in to that depressing first paragraph, so hang in there. As I stood in the crowd of fellow Americans dressed like goof-balls, we watched organizations from seemingly bygone times like the Rotary Club and the Shriners march down suburban streets. The recognition shared showed me that these were friends watching, and friends marching. I was struck by the question: why bother? Why get up, find parking and stand in the summer sun to watch your neighbor, whom you probably see every day(!), walk down the street with a silly hat on?!

    Earlier in the week I was listening to NPR (#humblebrag #Imsosmart) and an Iraqi ex-patriot was interviewed regarding the invasion of ISIS and its execution of Shias. The interviewer posed the question: what would it take for the different religions to live together in peace in this new Iraq? He answered: “Tolerance. In America no matter what religion you are we all pray to the same God, whether you believe in him or not. That is what makes America a great nation.” I wish I could meet this man and shake his hand, because he gave me what years of watching the news has ground down: hope. Hope that one day we’ll all have a greater tolerance for one another, and things like drone strikes and wiretapping will be unnecessary. It’s why we gather together peacefully one day a year and watch our neighbors walk down the street in silly hats.

    Even with all of your flaws I still wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Happy Birthday America!


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    So my friends Chris Cantwell and Chris Rogers wrote a writing sample script in the hopes that they’d get staffed on some TV show. Their agent read it and said he could sell it. The Chris’s laughed to themselves and thought: “What are the chances of that happening?”

    If you don’t know, those chances are incredibly small. What’s even smaller is the chance that whoever bought it would make the pilot, and what’s even smaller is the chance that it’d go to air. Well guess what mo fo… all that happened.

    I’m proud to present the trailer to my friend’s new TV show… HALT AND CATCH FIRE on AMC

    Halt and Catch Fire trailer

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