Bio // Raised in San Jose, California Eric Toms began his career when his sketch comedy troupe pitched and sold their late night sketch show to a local TV channel. Eric immediately dropped out of college and threw himself into the experience, taking on the role of head writer, performer, and video producer. Making the leap to stand-up comedy Eric traveled the world and by 25 had already worked with some of his comedy heroes, such as Kevin Pollak, Norm Macdonald, Lewis Black, Tracy Morgan and Bobby Slayton.

In 2008, Toms was scouted and hired to host the comedy clip show Reality Binge on Fox. Working on Reality Binge later led to a guest appearance on Good Day LA and Last Comic Standing. Shortly after, show runner and fellow comedian, Steve Marmel, asked Eric to guest star as Gilroy Smith in Disney's Sonny With a Chance season 1 finale "Sonny: So Far" staring along side Demi Lovato.

Since then Eric’s writing has won recognition with The Academy of Arts and Sciences and The Austin Screenwriting Festival, and he has starred in independent feature films like disOrientation in which Eric was nominated for the Jury Award at the New Haven Film Festival. Eric has also written commercial campaigns for brands such as 7-11, Netflix, and Cholula Hot Sauce.

My work over the past few years. Everything from my Stand Up Comedy, Sketch Comedy Videos, and writing

About Eric's Blog // This is Eric's blog, where he writes about comedy, the entertainment industry, and really anything else he wants. It's updated regularly, so check back often.


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    I don’t know who the artist is (I found these on a random Russian blog) but these are amazing and people should marvel at them and give this unknown artist money!

    PS-If any of you all know who it is then please drop me a line. I’d love to see more of his/her stuff!

    I want that damn TV!


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    My Super Awesome Script – “FInding Stanley”Finding StanleyFinding Stanley




    Family Comedy




    When the NHL executive assigned to chaperone the Stanley Cup is hurt, executive Gordon Burnes is chosen to take over. The only problem is Gordon can’t stand hockey players. The night before it goes back to NHL headquarters the Cup is stolen and now Gordon has 24 hours to get it back!


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    The more time we spend on Earth, the more glaringly apparent it is that people from all walks of life find comfort in good stories. It’s the way we relax, tell history, share our culture, and it’s one of the few traits that are shared by people from the bustling villages of Haiti to the crazy tribes on the Island of Manhattan. We’re all in the middle of creating our own narratives every day, and yet we all gather around campfires, kitchen tables and theaters to hear more good tales—the operative word being “good.” It is good stories that attracted me to The Actors’ Gang: you want to teach people how to tell them, and I want to learn.


    I began my own story in Northern California, performing for my first audience (my parents) with two amazing actors (my sisters) on the greatest stage I’ve ever been on: standing in front of a bed sheet pinned to the hallway door. School plays and home movies made with friends then became staples of my adolescence. After finishing college in a record nine months (my parents called it “dropping out,” but I thought of it as finishing early!) I joined a vaudeville theater troupe, which lead to a sketch comedy television show on UPN and the start of my stand up comedy career. Even as I achieved success in that arena, however, opening for bigger and bigger names I realized that collaborative work held more appeal for me.

    I began exploring performing and writing further once I moved to Los Angeles—while supplementing my income by doing graphic design for a breast implant web site (please use this time to giggle). Boobs were left behind when I won the role of host and writer for Fox Reality Channel’s comedy clip show, Reality Binge. I’ve also acted as the lead in a number of independent feature films, which has been great experience. Today I own a production company and spend most of my time with my kids and writing screenplays.


    No matter what the medium, the tools of storytelling remain the same: conflict, moral questions, realistic characters, and unsolvable problems. I’m good at what I do, but I want to be better and that means training. In a business that sees just as many people arriving in busses as it does leaving, I know that the only way to entice people in listening to my stories is to learn substance, and what better place than the Actors’ Gang? With your vast experience and dedication to telling stories with meaning, I believe the Actors’ Gang will provide me with the training I’m looking for. In return, I believe I have a lot to contribute to the theater, as I’m highly proficient in Photoshop—having made a hundred-or-so flyers for shows—I’m a skilled amateur carpenter with tools, I’m stunningly good looking (just as my wife) and I have a plethora of truly tasteless jokes to share.


    To put things in dating terms: the Actors’ Gang is out of my league when it comes to talent, but if you take the time to teach me, I won’t embarrass you in front of your mother. Whether you decide to allow me to enroll or not, I would like to thank you for your time, and wish you all good luck in your future endeavors.


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