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    Best Served Cold <–Click here to read!


    LoglineTristan, a young investment banker, is lured to a mansion in the middle of no where by an eccentric millionaire who turns out to be an ex-construction worker who plans on blackmailing Tristan for his own murder.

    SynopsisTristan is a man who has everything: youth, a beautiful fiancée who is running for Senate, and a promising job as an investment banker at Global Bank. He’s on his way to make a sale to the eccentric Mr. Wylie, who lives in a palatial mansion in the middle of the countryside. When he arrives he’s demeaned and put to work doing menial tasks. But when Tristan administers Mr. Wylie’s insulin shot he’s struck over the head and wakes up in a nightmare. Mr. Wylie is actually Chester, a clever and embittered ex-construction worker with an elaborate plan to exact revenge on Tristan and his bank. He explains to Tristan that the insulin shot was actual poison and the cops are on their way, and if Tristan tries to run or contact anyone then Chester will release information to the press and police linking Tristan and Global Bank in a scandal that lead to the deaths of four people. Tristan has to erase all evidence that he was ever there before the police show up in this game of cat and mouse that will leave you guessing right up to the end.


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