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    Last night I got the opportunity to watch one of my favorite comedies on the big screen.  Its title is “Withnail & I” and if you haven’t seen it then stop reading this, go watch it, then come back and send me money.

    It is unique in the regards that there are no jokes in this “comedy” but rather there are extremely bittersweet situations that most people can identify with.  The artsy fartsy way to say it is that the protagonist and antagonist are friends in a dominate/submissive relationship and only when betrayed on the greatest of scales does the protagonist leave and in doing so takes all power away from the antagonist who just drifts off into the ether.

    The non-douche way of saying that is at some point in our lives almost all of us will be involved in a toxic relationship, and although that person was horrible the person to blame is ourselves for not recognizing it and leaving sooner.  Watching this movie we are uncomfortably laughing at our failings.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that the film has an amazing score, insane characters and is populated by excellent actors.

    I can not recommend this movie enough, and I’m happy to report that another fan of this picture, Mr. Will Arnett, is well spoken, hilarious, and nice enough to take a picture with a dork like me.

    We both look better in the Chrome filter


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